A Mindfully Vegan Communal Living Space In Ubud.

Everyone must be 100% vegan, alcohol and smoke free on and off villa premises during their stay. 

Villa Mantra is a pure vegan communal mindful living space located in Ubud Bali. In this space, we celebrate life, love, and compassion. We value the sovereignty of our sacred vessels by eliminating toxins, processed food, animal products, and synthetic drugs that do not serve our highest selves.

For many years, Villa Mantra has been a place for those who desire to transition and transform into a plant-based lifestyle. While this is still us, we have also evolved into a co-living, co-loving space that recognizes the prominent role of de-centralized crypto currencies in the future of humankind. That being said, we’d also like to invite like-minded souls to learn, share and grow financially aside from our personal spiritual evolution.

We have 8 private rooms en-suite available for daily-monthly stays. Other amenities include:

⁃ Daily Yoga Classes M-F
⁃ Shared Vegan Kitchen
* Cold Plunge for Ice Baths
⁃ Chlorine-reduced Swimming Pool
⁃ Copper Pyramid for Garden Meditation
⁃ Communal Space Throughout
⁃ 60~80mbp Internet / WiFi
⁃ WhatsApp Group for Guests to Ask Question & Share Events

Instagram @villamantravegans

Located 2.5km north of central ubud & near Penestanan. Elevate your vibrations, go inward or explore Kirtans, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies & sound healings in Ubud. Know where to go & what's happening from a yogi insider/vegan foodie.

Copper pyramid for meditating in the garden. Harness the energy from the plasma of the universe and focus it coming through your crown chakra is a great way to start your day & raise your vibration. Monthly Discounts Available.



We've been in Ubud for years, we're part of the Ubudian yogi tribe and we know what's happening on and off the beaten path. Intimate song circles, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, sound healings, gong baths, workshops, the best smoothie bowls etc..etc... we can help you get the best experience possible while in Ubud.

"The villa's group chat on WhatsApp is a perfect resource for information and making new connections"


Dis-Ease Cannot Exist In a Body of Light.

Fast track your heart coherence (spiritual) journey, how to live the vegan life effortlessly and how to heal and protect yourself from negative forces. This 3 night package is for anyone who wish to reset their body, to begin their natural healing journey and learn the 5 solid foundations to brighten your light, raise your vibration and fulfill your destiny.
We cover a lot of valuable information using our 5 fundamental tools for healing the body, releasing past traumas and manifesting your dream life:
Veganism, Fasting/Detoxification, Breathwork, Meditation and Self-Love.
We'll cover the basics and intermediate levels for each in this 3 day program.

(If you're not vegan or are new to this lifestyle, please book this program first before long term stays, ie.. more than 2 weeks)


I would say EVERYONE!

Attacks on the liver come from processed foods, alcohol, pain killers such as Tylenol and Aspirin, prescription medications such as anti-biotics, anti-fungals, Steroids and airborne chemicals we breathe.


The liver (project manager for the body) is the largest organ and a most essential organ, responsible for detoxification, metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, production of bile acids to aid digestion and storage of vitamins. As such it is vulnerable to becoming overloaded with toxins from our environment or lifestyle choices (think plastic food storage containers).

Processed foods, pain killers (aspirin, Tylenol etc..) prescription drugs (anti-biotics, statins, anti-fungals etc...) alcohol, chemicals and solvents are some of the causes for toxic buildup in the liver. Accumulation of toxins may plan a significant role in diabetes , obesity , and reproductive disorders —among many others.

Proper liver cleanses help protect this vital organ by flushing out these harmful substances before they have a chance to cause damage, improve energy levels, improve your complexion and a whole lot more.

Thank you for reading, we hope to see you soon! 

"Your purpose is not found; it's carved with every step you take."