As PEMF Therapies become more widely used in North America, we expect to continue to see influential personalities in the medical field showing support for such treatments. Many Americans first heard about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy when TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz featured the technology on his daytime show, The Dr. Oz Show.

Recently, PEMF therapies have gained another supportive voice in Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, a board certified MD with specialties in emergency medicine, family practice, and toxicology. Dr. Rowen is known as “The Father of Medical Freedom” for pioneering the nation’s first statutory protection for alternative medicine in 1990.

Via his subscription-only newsletter, Second Opinion, Dr. Rowen has shown tremendous support for PEMF therapies. In an article titled “How to Give Your Cells a Massage and Treat Impossible-to-Cure Ailments,” Dr. Rowen explains how both he and his family members have seen noticeable improvement in their various ailments after using magnetic therapies.

“I believed in this technology so much that I asked [my dad] to get one to treat his infirmities,” Dr. Rowen wrote in Second Opinion. “He is using it for his prostate, back pain, macular degeneration, and overall rejuvenation. My dad, at 94, is improving by leaps and bounds in strength, gait, cognitive function, and pain levels…He’s even seen an improvement in his urinary function.”

As. Dr. Rowen notes, this type of dramatic improvement is virtually unheard of for a 94 year old, and would likely not be possible without the external stimulation of the PEMF therapies.

But the list of potential benefits does not end there.

Dr. Rowen continues, “…PEMF healing effects…include reductions in pain, swelling, bruising, muscle spasm, and inflammation. It stimulates stem cells, wound repair, tissue regeneration, genes, bone healing, and circulation. It also heals tears, sprains, strains, tendonitis, muscle function, and metabolic function. PEMF enhances sleep and relaxation, oxygen delivery to tissues, and absorption of nutrients.”

As several professionals discuss, PEMF therapy’s efficacy is more attributed to basic physics than space-age medicine. Dr. Rowen states that biological systems are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields, and as such, can be stimulated to perform their natural functions more readily, and can more easily overcome disease and fatigue.

Dr. Rowen also writes, “PEMF therapy delivers an energy that increases the ‘spin’ of electrons. This does not create heat, nor does it excite the electron to create a free radical. Rather, the increased spin enables your mitochondria to make more ATP (energy) faster. So it just might help otherwise impossible-to-treat conditions.”

We are thrilled to see PEMFs becoming a bigger part of the national conversation about healthcare. We can only assume that as more people try magnetic therapies and see the myriad of benefits they may provide, this therapy will continue to become more mainstream.

In his review, Dr Rowen particularly mentions and supports, the PEMF-100 and the Somapulse devices and their benefits.

Dr. Rowen put it simply:

“PEMF is one treatment everyone needs.”

We couldn’t agree more!